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New non-credit online Agroforestry short course

UF IFAS School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences SFFGS is excited to announce the launch of our new non-credit online Agroforestry short course!

This specialization from the University of Florida Department of Forest, Fisheries and Geomatics Sciences presented by leading experts in the field, is a five-module program covering the various aspects of agroforestry including the global distribution of the practices, their underlying principles, and major scientific advances during the past nearly five decades. Students will gain extensive knowledge and skills related to agroforestry systems, best practices and scientific management that can be useful in promoting their professional development and sharpening their land management skills.

This five-part short course, offered by SFFGS and available through the UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning catalog or by subscription in Coursera, is designed to equip students with invaluable knowledge and practical skills on agroforestry from around the world. By enrolling in this program, students will learn about tools for professional growth and effective land management practices!

Available courses
Agroforestry I: Principles and Practices
Agroforestry II: Major Systems of the World
Agroforestry III: Principles of Plant and Soil Management
Agroforestry IV: Climate Change, Carbon Storage and Agroforestry Systems
Agroforestry V: Ecosystem Services, Food Security and Sustainable Development

Date: open enrollment, self-paced
Venue: online
Organizers: IFAS School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences SFFGS, University of Floridy (UF)



MOOC on Continuous Cover Forestry

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) is now available in three languages (English, French, German). ForestMoocForChange is a new and free online course providing an introduction to continues cover forestry, covering the various aspects of this innovative forestry approach over an 8-week period. The course includes numerous videos produced in the field by experts, managers and owners. Each week, a live meeting will be organised with the speakers enabling you to ask your questions and discuss the subject covered. From discovering how continuous cover works and its dynamics, to questions of an economic, ecological or social nature, the MOOC is designed to be comprehensive and aimed at everyone. The ForestMoocForChange is a collaborative project, co-financed by the European Union, between four European Forestry Development Agencies involved in Close-to-Nature forestry development: Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemäße Waldwirtschaft (ANW) in Germany, Pro Silva France, Teagasc Forestry Development Department in Ireland, and Forêt-Nature in Belgium as lead partner. The aim of the project is to help overcome initial challenges and provide new tools to facilitate Europe’s forests transformation towards continuous cover systems as a way to optimise production of quality wood, biodiversity, the protection of ecosystem services and enhanced resilience.

Date:  starting 16 October 2023



MSU Forestry Non-credit Courses for Spring 2024

The MSU Department of Forestry is pleased to offer non-credit course options for individuals interested in online learning. These courses are a great fit for those looking to expand their knowledge on topics of forestry outside of a degree-granting program. Courses are taught at three levels: introductory (lower division undergraduate), intermediate (upper division undergraduate), and advanced (graduate). All participants that complete a course will receive a "Certificate of Completion".

Venue: online
Organizers: Department of Forestry, Michigan State University
Contact in case of questions:  FOR.forestce(at)

Deadline for application:  16 January 2024



FAO e-learning course: Institutionalization of forest data

This course intends to establish a clear path towards a more efficient and effective use of forest data, underscoring the crucial significance of institutionalizing a robust national forest monitoring system (NFMS) within countries. Additionally, it emphasizes transparency, sustainability, and data-sharing as critical pillars for the successful implementation of an NFM strategy. This course is designed for individuals who have an interest in establishing and developing a national forest monitoring system (NFMS), and to learn about the institutionalization process. The course targets legal experts, ministries, government officers, academia and private sector among others involved in the design and establishment of an NFMS. This course offers certification (digital badge).

Venue:  online
Organizers:  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)



Self-Paced Course on Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action

The "Sharing the experience on Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action – SEPAL" self-paced course is based on the first edition of the online facilitated course delivered from 24 March to 7 May 2023 in English, Spanish and French. This facilitated course has been adapted and made available in self-paced mode to share the content and associated resources that were developed for it, offering a comprehensive learning experience. If you are interested in digital platforms and tools for more effective forest and land monitoring, enrol in the FAO self-paced course and get your digital badge!

Date:  self-paced
Venue:  online
Organizers:  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)