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World Science Forum: Science for Social Justice

The World Science Forum series was inspired by the success of the prestigious meeting "World Conference on Science for the Twenty-First Century: a New Commitment", held between 26 June to 1 July 1999 in Budapest, Hungary and convened by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Science Council (ISC), in co-operation with other partners.

Driven by the need for a forum for discussion between the scientific community and society, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in partnership with UNESCO, ISC and AAAS established a series of follow-up events called World Science Forum, taking place biennially in Budapest.

The success of World Science Forum proves that the original idea and intention behind this initiative is becoming a reality. Scientists, politicians, decision-makers and representatives of civil society conducted fruitful dialogue on burning issues affecting the scientific world and society simultaneously, and summed up the common tasks ahead of us. The growing international interest in the World Science Forum shows that there is a growing consensus: World Science Forum has become the leading event of global science policy today.

Date:  6-9 December 2022
Location:  Cape Town, South Africa

Details:  https://worldscienceforum.org/ 


1st High Level Meeting of the European Wood Policy Platform (woodPoP)

The renewable resource wood and other wood-based materials play a vital role and can become a key enabler for the transformation towards a carbon neutral industry and climate positive society. In the context of combating climate change, a growing number of countries, regions, cities and communities in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, aim to enhance the sustainable use of wood and other renewable materials by fostering a forest-based bioeconomy. Several initiatives and actions with a special focus on wood and wood-based materials are taking place within the framework of the EU but also at pan-European level. However, to gain more weight and impact, multilateral exchange is vital to facilitate sharing of best practices and coordinated approaches in developing policy solutions.

The 1st High Level Meeting (HLM) aims to set a clear signal for wood as a future-oriented nature-based solution and to call on the establishment of the European Wood Policy Platform (woodPoP) which offers in-depth wood-based cooperation among countries to establish new pathways to foster the sustainable use of wood. The woodPoP HLM will be a forum to exchange knowledge, joint understanding and experiences with inputs from scientific and economic experts, relevant European stakeholder groups as well as regional and global organisations.


8th International Wildland Fire Conference - Governance Principles: Towards an International Framework

In the last decade, extreme fire events destroyed lives, buildings and natural habitats, cornering and puzzling politicians, institutional leaderships, and professionals. In 2017, wildfires tragically challenged Portuguese society. Since then, all our efforts converged into integrated fire management this is no longer a niche or a subject for a few wildland firefighters or landscape planners. It is all about reaching out to other communities of practice, economic sectors, and local and indigenous people. As fire management becomes a complex socio-ecological issue, it demands robust institutions, transparent and accountable procedures, and permanent communication with key stakeholders. It also demands a balanced budget between fuel treatment and suppression, in a set of cohesive policies. This means dismantling a culture of silos, promoting inter-departmental dialogue, avoiding unintended consequences from cross cutting public policies (agriculture, forestry, energy, development, environment, fiscal and others. In Portugal, we are also aiming at engaging different audiences, at different geographies and levels of authority and have their commitment, prevailing in time.

Date:   16-19 May 2023
Location:  Porto, Portugal
Organizers:  AGIF and Republic of Portugal

Website:  https://www.wildfire2023.pt/
Deadline for Abstract Submission - 12 December 2022:  https://www.wildfire2023.pt/conference/important-dates


The Living Library at IFSA Youth Forest Policy Days - Books Needed!

The Living Library (also known as human library) method, used worldwide on various events, seeks to promote understanding and dialogue between different people and to fight prejudices and discrimination. When you come to visit the Living Library you pick a book that sounds interesting from a catalogue, but instead of a pile of paper you will get to borrow a real person – with a story to tell! You will be able to ask the book whatever questions you have in your mind concerning the topic of the book, but remember to be respectful – do not bend the pages, or spill coffee on them!

Living Libraries are in general about all different sorts of topics. However, in the Workshop at the Youth Forest Policy Days, the topic variety will be limited to the "Working Life Section". So as a book you get to tell about yourself and a topic that is important for you, an event or project you organised, or just giving handy hints for life, e.g. about work-life balance. You are always allowed to leave questions unanswered, or to return to the safety of the bookshelf. Before the library opens IFSA will brief the books, and make sure that they are prepared to be borrowed.

Obviously, there will be no Living Library without books. Therefore, IFSA is hoping that many of you will volunteer for this programme point. Do you have a story to tell? If so, please indicate it at the registration form!

Date and Venue of Youth Forest Policy Days: 1-3 December 2022 | Online
Date of workshop:  1 December 2022
Deadline for registration as a book:  10 November 2022

Details:  https://ifsa.net/yfpd/workshop/#living-library
Registration as a book:  https://bit.ly/3Mrljav



El lema de este Congreso es "El rol vital del bosque en tiempos complejos y cambiantes". Pandemia, guerras, sequías, cambio climático y un mundo convulsionado y con necesidad de reorganizarse desde un enfoque sustentable, es el contexto en el que se desarrolla este importante encuentro, que reunirá la participación de los principales referentes del sector público, privado, ONGs, Universidades e institutos de investigación y capacitación. Se abordarán temas claves y de alta relevancia enfocados en la sostenibilidad ambiental, la responsabilidad social, la innovación productiva y competitividad económica de un sector importante para el desarrollo de amplias regiones del país y de la región.

Date:   27-30 March 2023
Location:  Ciudad de Mendoza, Argentina
Organizers:  Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, CONICET, INTA, Asociación Forestal Argentina (AFoA)
Supporters:  Gobierno de la provincia de Mendoza, Consejo Federal de Inversiones (CFI)

Website:  https://congresoforestal2023.org.ar
Registration:  https://congresoforestal2023.org.ar/inscripcion/