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Non-IUFRO Awards


2023 Marcus Wallenberg Prize Awarded!

The 2023 Marcus Wallenberg Prize is awarded to Drs Darius M. Adams, Joseph Buongiorno and Richard Haynes for their development of the original and groundbreaking forest economic models TAMM and PAPYRUS and its extension to the global forest products model GFPM.

Dr. Buongiorno also won the IUFRO Scientific Achievement Award in 2005. Dr. Hayes coordinated former IUFRO Research Group 6.1.600 - Forest Sector Analysis.

The Marcus Wallenberg Prize 2023 will be presented by HM the King of Sweden at a ceremony in Stockholm in November this year.


Frontiers Planet Prize, second edition: celebrating the world’s most innovative sustainability scientists

The Frontiers Planet Prize is a global competition for scientists and research institutions to propose solutions to help the planet remain within the safe operating space of any one or more of the 9 planetary boundaries. Launched by the Frontiers Research Foundation on Earth Day 2022, the prize aims to mobilize nations and the global community of scientists conducting research on earth system science. Three prizes worth a total of CHF 3 million (~USD $3.2m) will be awarded to scientists who are able to offer globally scalable solutions which protect and restore planetary health.

The Planet Prize will honour research published in established peer-reviewed scientific journals in the past two calendar years (date of acceptance: 1 November 2021 to 31 October 2023) that has the greatest potential to help keep the Earth system within planetary boundaries. All submitted research must be in English.

Scientists who wish to participate in the prize do so through their research institution or university who act as a National Nominating Body (NNB). NNBs consider each application and send the top three nominations to the country’s national academy of science, which acts as a National Representative Body (NRB).  NNBs will be contacted by the Frontiers Planet Prize team, providing the details of their dedicated National Representative Body, by September 20th. This will either be the national academy (or similar body) of the participating country or the International Science Council itself.


You are invited to join the information session on 20 September at 13:00 UTC providing more information on the overall mission, objectives and mechanics of the Planet Prize, the eligibility criteria for scientists, and the role of the ISC in engaging its Members around this scientific initiative. Register for the information session at