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One-week PhD level course: State-of-the-art International Forest Policy

The course aims to provide understanding of international forest policy on global as well as European level from a broad social science perspective, with an emphasis on the economics perspective. The course aims at an interdisciplinary audience, welcoming students not only from core social sciences but also from management of natural resources, forests being one example. The course also aims at progress from a theoretical definition of forest policy to practical examples of forest policy on the EU level. The course especially invites graduate students from the agricultural and natural sciences universities in the Nordic and Baltic region. Government officials from e.g., forest agencies or staff at forest companies are also welcome to participate in the course.

Date: not set yet (Course period: 2017-09-04 – 2017-10-08)
Location: Umeå, Sweden
Organizers: Department of Forest Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute, EFINORD, in collaboration with the Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics, CERE, the Scandinavian Society of Forest Economics, SSFE, and the University of Copenhagen

Submit application by: 10 July 2017

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