Position Announcements


Postdoctoral Position: Systems genetics of disease resistance

A two-year Postdoctoral Researcher position is available within the EPPI research programme in FABI. The systems genetics project, in collaboration with Mondi and Sappi involves the identification of quantitative trait loci (QTLs), expression QTLs and metabolite QTLs for fungal disease resistance in a Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla back-cross population. The ideal candidate should have a background in molecular biology and genetics and have an interest in plant pathology.

Institution: Eucalyptus and Pine Pathogen Interactions group (EPPI), Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)
Duty station: not indicated 
Closing date: not indicated

Details:  https://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/discover/nb-EPPI-2021-Postdoc-Advert.pdf
Contact for applications: Dr Ronishree Mangwanda, ronishree.mangwanda(at)up.ac.za 


Postdoctoral position in modelling forest resources and development pathways // 8 February 2021

Applications are invited for the position of a postdoctoral researcher to participate in the project, 'Toward a future of wood cities and restored forests—modelling pathways for development of a new forest industry in the tropics'. The position is based at Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå and will include close collaboration with The Eco-Innovation Foundation (EIF) based in Stockholm. Our mission is to advance the understanding of forest ecosystem processes and to progress the principles of forest ecosystem management. The Department proposes a novel Wood Building–Forest Restoration system to meet the urgent calls to stop and reverse climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and inequality and instead transition to a fair and sustainable bio-based economy. It calls for future urban growth to be met with modern engineered wood building, and for this new market to drive large-scale forest restoration and emergence of regional forest-based industries. The Department's focus is on the Global South, where the majority of urban growth, deforestation, and forest degradation occur. Starting from today's status (standard concrete building, degraded forests, and small informal wood-processing industries), pathways of coordinated incremental changes across the entire value chain must be modeled to arrive at the desired end state (wood cities, fully restored natural forests, and prosperous regional wood industries).

Institution:  Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Duty station: Umeå, Sweden 
Closing date: 8 February 2021

Details: https://www.slu.se/en/about-slu/work-at-slu/jobs-vacancies/?rmpage=job&rmjob=4399&rmlang=UK


Lecturer, Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA) - 50% time // 12 February 2021

The Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus) invites applications for a 50% Lecturer (term appointment) position. The successful candidate will principally lead the development, teaching and refinement of professional courses in Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA) with additional teaching in other graduate and undergraduate programs as needed. The UBC Faculty of Forestry received funding to develop and deliver a professional micro-certificate in Climate Vulnerability and Assessment (CVA). The Faculty intends to offer this program 3 times per year (Jan, Sept and May) with the successful candidate developing and teaching all these four professional short courses. The Lecturer will also act and play a key role in the program coordination, managing, promoting, and developing the program in close collaboration with the Assistant Dean of Professional Education. Student mentoring will also be an important part of the lecturer’s tasks. The Lecturer will also work with the Faculty in developing other undergraduate and graduate level courses in this topic area as appropriate.

Institutions: Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry, The University of British Columbia (UBC)
Duty station: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Closing date: 12 February 2021

Details: https://ubc.wd10.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/ubcfacultyjobs/job/UBC-Vancouver-Campus/Lecturer--Climate-Vulnerability-and-Adaptation--CVA----50--time_JR751


Post-Doc 'Insect and Bird Population Dynamics' // Review of applications begins 20 January 2021, open until filled

WSL is inviting applications for a Post-Doc on Insect and Bird Population Dynamics. The successful candidate will analyse long-term datasets on bark beetle and woodpecker population sizes and model how woodpecker populations respond to changes in bark beetle abundance and the availability of potential nest structures. The findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals and present results in international conferences. The successful candidate will join a small interdisciplinary team of entomologists and ornithologists at WSL and the Vogelwarte Sempach.

Institutions: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL    
Duty station:  Birmensdorf near Zurich, Switzerland
Closing date: The evaluation process will begin on 20 January 2021, but the position will remain open until filled. 

Details: https://apply.refline.ch/273855/1115/pub/4/index.html


Three post-doctoral positions at Forest Pathology Group (Uva-iuFOR, SP) // Closing date not indicated

The Forest Pathology Group at Universidad de Valladolid is hiring three enthusiastic, thorough and collaborative postdocs for two ongoing projects. The positions will be shared as follows: 1 post-doctoral position for 1 year is available in the project 'RNAi technologies for the control of Pine Pitch Canker by Fusarium circinatum' to work on RNAi designing for silencing targeted fungal genes and developing effective and long-term nanocarriers as delivery system; and 2 post-doctoral positions for 2 years each are available in the project 'Study of RNA viruses in forest ecosystems of Castilla and León and their application in the prediction of future pandemics'.

Institutions: Forest Pathology Group, Universidad de Valladolid
Duty station:  Palencia, Spain
Closing date: not indicated

Details: https://bit.ly/2Js5zYJ


Research Associate (post-doc) - Oak Wilt // open until filled

The Sakalidis, McCullough and Cregg Labs at Michigan State University are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate for a project focusing on oak wilt management and options to reduce collateral damage that is funded through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP). The Research Associate will oversee implementation and evaluation of tactics designed to mitigate impacts of oak wilt infection on surrounding oaks, the loss of healthy oak trees, and the cost of oak wilt treatments. This project seeks to further our understanding of how prophylactic and post-infection treatments affect oak xylem anatomy and to assess inoculum dosage in relation to the likelihood of disease development. Experience with field work involving trees or forest stands, GPS and data analysis is required. Previous experience with chainsaws and GIS is preferred. Experience with fungicides and/or plant growth regulators, advanced microscopy, wood microscopy and tissue staining techniques, and work with fungi is desirable. The position will entail overnight stays, extensive field work and some laboratory work. The postdoc would need to be able to start by February-March 2021.

Institutions: The Sakalidis, McCullough and Cregg Labs at Michigan State University
Duty station:  East Lansing, USA
Closing date: open until filled
Start date:  February/March 2021

Details: https://careers.msu.edu/en-us/job/504086/research-associatefixed-term


Director, Secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests // 24 December 2020

This position is located in the United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFFS) in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Under the overall guidance of the Under-Secretary-General (USG) for Economic and Social Affairs, and in cooperation with the Assistant Secretaries-General (ASGs), and within delegated authorities, the Director of the United Nations Forums on Forests Secretariat is responsible for directing and managing the subprogramme supporting UN processes related to the development and implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests at all levels in accordance with the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2030.

Institution: United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFFS) in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)  
Duty station: New York, USA
Closing date: 24 December 2020

Details:  https://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/discover/nb-JO-141250_D2_UNFF.pdf


Post-Doc Position on New threats from pest insects in the boreal forest of northwestern Quebec // deadline not indicated

This project aims to develop risk models for emerging forest insect threats and damage throughout northwestern Quebec. The post-doc will conduct fieldwork with a team under their supervision to monitor invasive woodborers using pheromone traps along a latitudinal gradient and to assess damage from defoliators in natural regeneration and plantations. The post-doc will use these experimental results to develop risk models of stand/landscape conditions that could promote forest insect damage. Specific objectives are to: 1. Evaluate pathways for human-aided introduction of woodborers along a latitudinal gradient 2. Evaluate how forest composition and forest management influence risk of establishment of woodborers and defoliators.3. Expand and adapt forest pest monitoring for biodiversity inventory. The successful candidate will combine strong entomological and quantitative skills with experience in fieldwork, managing a research team and liaising with partners. Ability to communicate professionally in English and French is also required.

Institution: Concordia University  
Location: Montreal, Canada
Closing date: not indicated

Start date: 31 March 2021
End date: 31 March 2023

Applications are submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies at Concordia University. For more information contact: Emma.Despland(at)concordia.ca  or Tim.Work(at)uqam.ca

Additional information: http://explore.concordia.ca/emma-despland