Non-IUFRO Publications

Non-IUFRO Publications


Seeing the Trees Without the Forest: What and How can Agroforestry and Urban Forestry Learn from Each Other?

Rita Sousa-Silva and colleagues have reviewed commonalities and differences between Agroforestry and Urban Forestry: Agroforestry and urban forestry have evolved mainly as separate disciplines, although they share a long history of tree cultivation in man-made environments. Here, they review their common threads, exploring how trees in both systems interact with and shape their environments. They examine common themes and methodologies – ranging from tree growth dynamics to environmental stressors, ecosystem services provision, and questions of governance – and identify opportunities for synergies between these fields. They emphasize the potential of agroforestry and urban forestry for enhancing multifunctional landscapes. Geographical divides in research are evident, with agroforestry predominantly studied in the Global South and urban forestry receiving more attention in the Global North. However, significant research gaps provide avenues for collaboration, for instance, addressing challenges in capturing the monetary and socio-cultural value of ecosystem services and environmental justice considerations. In light of the growing need for integrated approaches in addressing contemporary challenges, from climate change mitigation and adaptation to community well-being, our review explores what these research fields can learn from each other and provides recommendations for fostering greater interdisciplinary dialogue and new avenues for collaborations in a meaningful and synergistic manner, aiming to advance policy, research, and practice in agroforestry and urban forestry.


Journal of Forest Science

This international open access peer-reviewed journal is published by the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences and financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. It has been published since 1955 (by 1999 under the title Lesnictví-Forestry). Original results of basic and applied research from all fields of forestry related to European forest ecosystems and their functions including those in the landscape and wood production chain are published in original scientific papers, short communications and review articles. Articles are published in English.



Call for submissions: Taking stock of work and employment research in the forest sector

Submissions are invited for a Special issue of 'Forest Policy and Economics'.

This Special Issue aims to assemble a spectrum of quality research covering a wide range of topics related to work and employment in the forest sector. Papers published in this SI will contribute to a deeper understanding of the current status of forest-related employment and how it is developed across economies and regions. It also aims at taking stock of relevant studies from various geographic and levels of analyses offers a lens for identifying knowledge gaps and future trends in this field of research.

To fully represent the multifaceted aspects of work and employment in the forest sector, studies are invited that address one or more of the following topics, but not limited to: - Contribution of forests and the forest sector to employment; - Causes and consequences of informal economy in the forest sector; - Data and methods for measuring employment indicators relevant to the forest sector; - OSH for the forest-related workforce, including the effectiveness of OSH infrastructure, policies, and legislation; - Adequate earnings and social security coverage for forest-related workforce; - Women and youth in the forest-sector labour market and gender inequalities at work; - Green, blue job opportunities; - Governance in the world of forest-related work, such as forest certification, labour standards; - Education and training required for the future workforce; - Sustainable business models of forest- based value chains relevant to the labour aspects.

Deadline for manuscript submissions:   30 November 2024
Guest editors:  Dr. Rattiya S. Lippe, Thünen Institute of Forestry, Germany; Dr. Tatiana Lizbeth Ojeda Luna, Universidad Nacional de Loja, Ecuador; Dr. Doris Mutta, African Forest Forum, Kenya; Dr. Jörg Schweinle; Thünen Institute of Forestry, Germany


Forests Monitor (FM) - Journal

The Forests Monitor (FM) is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal, devoted to the science of multifunctional forest ecosystems, that aims to enhance management and conservation in support of good forest governance worldwide.

The next Issue will be published by the end of December 2024, and the deadline to submit papers is 30 June 2024.