Expertise offered by Unit

Research interests of Unit officeholders

Franka Brüchert

  • wood quality assessment
  • non-destructive testing

Roger Meder

  • wood quality
  • non-destructive evaluation
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • phenotyping

Xiping Wang

  • wood quality
  • wood property
  • nondestructive evaluation
  • engineered wood products
  • structure condition assessment

Houjiang Zhang

  • wood non-destructive testing and evaluation

Research interests of unit

  • non-destructive testing and evaluation methods;
  • wood and fibre properties;
  • engineering properties of wood and wood-based products; forest resource assessment;
  • roundwood and wood products quality assessment;
  • wood structure condition assessment;
  • urban tree decay detection and hazard assessment;
  • evaluation of seedlings and young trees for genetic improvement.