Activities and events

Past IUFRO meetings

  • The 2022 World Wood Day Online Symposium and The Fourth IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium: Trees and Non-Wood Forest Products: Challenges, Opportunities and Sustainability; online; 21-22 March 2022. IUFRO Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.15.00, 9.03.02. Conference homepage - Report 9.03.02 - Report 5.15.00       
  • Trees for Good Forum: Challenges, opportunities, and sustainability for trees and wood environment in the desert - Event at the Expo Dubai 2020; online; 21 March 2022; 10:00-14:00. Units involved: 5.15.00, 5.15.01. Flyer  
  • The 2021 World Wood Day Virtual Symposium and the Third IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium:CO2 & Wood: Carbon Capture and Storage in Forests, Wood and Non-Wood Products; online; 21-22 March 2021. IUFRO Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.15.00, 9.03.02. Conference homepage - Registration - Report    
  • XXV IUFRO World Congress; Curitiba, Brazil, 29 September - 5 October 2019

    Session: F8a & F8b Wood and Forest Culture: Addressing a Sustainable Future
    Date: Tuesday, 1 October, 14:00-17:30
    The sessions will provide a better understanding of the historical, religious, artistic and other social values of wood and forest culture both for wood and non-wood forest products. The talks will emphasize the economic, environmental, and scientific impacts to different regions or countries in the world as a result of these social values.

    Booth Exhibition
    Date: 30 September - 4 October, 10:00-18:00
    One booth will showcase music instruments and indigenous artifacts, where visitors will have the chance to see Brazilian and South American wooden music instruments. Professors and students from the Federal University of Parana music department will be present at the booth to give visitors explanations of indigenous culture and demonstrate music instruments, specially the unique southern Brazilian music instrument: the Luthier. The other booth will feature a woodcarving show, where the audience can witness local Brazilian technique of woodcarving. The popular Northeastern Brazilian "xilogravura" or woodcut will also be lively presented at the booth as well as printmaking where design is carved on wood that depicts daily life, mythological creatures and folklore with a whimsical spirit. Join us and take a moment to explore the richness of Brazilian wooden art, music and culture.

  • World Wood Day VII "Change"; Graz and Stübing, Austria; 19-24 March 2019. Event homepage - Flyer - Programme related to location - Fact sheet on the open air museum - Report   
  • 2019 World Wood Day Symposium and 2nd IUFRO Forest Products Culture Research Group Colloquium; Stübing, Austria; 21-23 March 2019.  1st announcement  - Programme 
  • World Wood Day VI Celebration; Siem Reap, Cambodia; 18-25 March 2018. Event homepage - Report            
  • World Wood Day 2017 Celebration; Longbeach, California, USA; 21 March 2017. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference homepage
  • World Wood Day 2016 Celebration; Kathmandu, Nepal; 21 March 2016. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference homepage - Report  
  • World Wood Day (WWD) Symposium "Wood and Humanity: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Development"; Eskisehir, Turkey; 21-23 March 2015. IUFRO Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Symposium homepage - Report
  • International Wood Culture Symposium on Taxodiaceae; Changsha, Hunan Province, China; 25-27 October 2013. Conference homepage - Report - Report on SWST Blog   
  • World Wood Day (WWD); Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; 21 March 2013. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Event homepage - Report
  • 2012 International Live Wood Carving Show and Competition; Nanning, Guangxi, China; 16-18 November 2012. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference announcement - Report
  • IWCS 2012 - 3rd China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum; Nanning City, Guangxi, China; 16 November 2012. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference announcement - Report
  • 2012 International Wood Culture Symposium and Post-Conference Wood Cultural Tour; Lin’an City, Zhejiang Province, China;  1-2 September 2012.  Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference homepage - Report
  • SWST Annual Meeting: Sustainable Development of Wood and Biomass in our New Global Economy; Beijing, China; 27-31 August 2012. Conference homepage - Report
  • 2012 IUFRO All-Division 5 Conference; Estoril, Portugal; 8-13 July 2012. Conference homepage. 3 sessions will be held jointly with 5.10.01 Wood Culture and 5.03.10 Protection of Cultural Artifacts.
  • 4th International Symposium on Forest Culture; Kunming, China; 2–10 December 2011.  The symposium was followed by tours to Xishuangbanna Prefecture near the Laotian border and Chuxiong City about 100 miles west of Kunming.  The tours focused on how Wood and Forest Culture play an important role in the economic, social, and cultural life of many societies throughout many parts of the world.
  • 2011 China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum; Nanning, Guanxi, China; 18 November 2011. The event followed the opening ceremony of the 2011 China-ASEAN Forest & Wood Products Expo and the morning session of the 2011 International Forest Products Trade Forum. With more than one hundred delegates from eight countries, the occasion was international in scope and character.
  • International Conference on the Art and Joy of Wood: Rediscovering Wood: The Key to a Sustainable Future; Bangalore, India; 19-22 October 2011. Units involved: 5.00.00, 5.10.01. Conference homepage - Report
  • 2010 China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Symposium and Wood Products Exhibition; Nanning, China; 19-20 November 2010. Conference homepage
  • International Wood Culture Symposium; Yangling, Shaanxi province, China; 23-24 October 2010. Conference homepage - Summary - Report
  • Wood Culture Symposium – China 2009 & YunNan Wood Culture Exhibition; Kunming, China; 28-30 November 2009. Conference homepage

Past Non-IUFRO Meetings