RFFL Sites Kyrgyz Republic


  • Ak-Suu Forest Experimental Station
    (Close to Lake Issyk-Kul and about 400 km from Bishkek)






  • Boz Boltok
    (A national flagpole site near Bishkek)

  • Taldy-Bulak and

    (Located in the Chui region, about 90 km from Bishkek)

  • Jaiyl Leshoz
    (Located about 100 km west
    of Bishkek)


Land use in the Kyrgyz Republic is mainly focused on agriculture and livestock rearing with only minor emphasis on managing tree resources. To this end, forest landscape restoration has the following two main objectives:

  • Restoring and expanding existing forests which are under pressure from grazing of livestock; and
  • Establishing new forests for slope stabilisation, amelioration of climate, livelihood support and recreation.

The research and demonstration plots serve for testing land preparation alternatives for planting of trees, selection of new varieties of trees species for climate adaptation and monitoring of their survival and growth. The plots will also serve as public relations sites to promote the benefits of forests and trees to society.

Progress of Work in 2021:

  • Establishing the project concept
  • Selection of location and specific demonstration sites in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Seedling Production
  • Public Engagement
  • Climate and Hydrologic Modelling


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International Conference "Mountain forests and water in Central Asia", Tashkent, December 7, 2021 (virtual):