Manual on Preparing and Writing Research Proposals

 Manual for Grant Writing and Proposal Development (2000):
"Handbook for Preparing and Writing Research Proposals"

C.P. Reid. Vienna, Austria, IUFRO Special Programme for Developing Countries, 2000-164 p.

This Manual was developed by Professor C. Patrick Reid of the University of Arizona, USA, in 1999, for the purpose of being used as a training aid for scientists who wish to enhance their skills in preparing and writing highly-competitive research proposals.
This handbook is available in English, French (developed in close cooperation with CIRAD-Forêt) and Spanish (brandnew!).
Hard copies of all three language versions may be ordered from IUFRO-SPDC, and, if ordered in small quantities, are free of charge for scientists from IUFRO Member Organizations in developing countries (we only charge postage costs). For all others the price is € 20 per copy plus postage costs. Contact.

Electronic versions of the manuals and lecture notes: