Task Force members

TF Contribution of Biodiversity to Ecosystem Services in Managed Forests

Task Force Members

NameIUFRO DivisionResponsibilityContact information

Dr Jean-Luc Peyron       

4Coordinator Division 4Ecofor, France

Dr Hyeun-Jong Bae           

5Coordinator RG5.07Chonnam Univ. Korea

Dr. Tom Hammett        

5Coordinator RG5.11Virginia Tech, USA

Prof. Teresa Magro 

6Coordinator RG6.04Univ Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Sandra Luque      

8Deputy Coordinator Division 8IRSTEA, France
Dr Anna Barbati8Coordinator RG8.02Univ. Tuscia, Italy
Dr Alexia Stokes8Coordinator RG8.03INRA, France

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