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Diaw, M. C., T. Aseh, and R. Prabhu, editors. 2009. In Search for Common Ground:  Adaptive Collaborative Management in Cameroon. CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia -

2007 TF accomplishments

Task Force Helps IUFRO Communicate about Forest Science

People influence the many facets of the forests that members of IUFRO study.  And through decisions about resource allocations, people determine whether forests will or will not be studied.  How information about forest science is communicated makes a difference in both instances.

The Communicating Forest Science Task Force is working to strengthen IUFRO communications so that forest science information is more effectively used and people making decision related to forest science are well informed.  In 2007, the Task Force finalized and began to implement a plan to improve the internal and external communication of IUFRO.

As part of this planning effort, the group created formats and a process for developing press releases and fact sheets on topics important to IUFRO. The fact sheets support the communication of information generated by other task forces and divisions.  In 2007, topics were wildfire impacts, forest influences on water, and the role of culture in sustaining forests. These were shared with the participants of the IUFRO European Congress in Warsaw, Poland, and also are posted on-line.  The Task Force is assisting IUFRO headquarters communications by promoting secondments with member organizations.  In 2007, the U.S. Forest Service provided Cindy Miner, a communications specialist to headquarters for six weeks.

Click here to see a picture of Cindy Miner and others from the HQ team taken at the European Congress 2007 in Poland.

Online Communication Survey

Communicating research results is rapidly rising on the science priority list.  This is why the IUFRO Task Force for Communicating Forest Science is carrying out a survey with the aim to discover and compare the communication and collaboration behaviour and activities of scientists working in forest research worldwide.

The survey has been distributed to scientists throughout the world and the responses are now being analyzed. Results are forthcoming.

1st Task Force Meeting - Communicating Forest Science

The first meeting of the Task Force "Communicating Forest Science" was held in Freiburg, Germany, on 22-24 October 2006. The meeting was an opportunity to collect and exchange experiences of professional communicators who work with forest sciences to some extent.

Please find below the meeting report containing detailed information about the event.
Meeting report: "Telling the Story of Global Forestry Right"

Older documents containing detailed information about the event:
Letter of Invitation - Programme

Other Meetings

forestXchange 2006

The international conference in Freiburg, Germany, 25–27 October 2006, addresses these issues at the interdisciplinary level, bringing together experts in knowledge management not only in forestry. The conference offers new theoretical approaches and aims to transfer practical experiences from other disciplines of knowledge management to forestry. Within these discussions, also integrated aspects of knowledge management where technological solutions (e.g. web-based knowledge exchange) meet "communities of knowledge" will be addressed.

Visit the conference homepage for more information.

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