Task Force members

Task Force Members

(in alphabetical order)

Shankar AdhikariSilviculture Division, Department of Forests, Nepal
Andreas BolteInstitute of Forest Ecosystems. Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, Thünen Institute, Germany
Michele BozzanoEuropean Forest Institute (EFI), Resilience Programme, Bonn, Germany
Janice BurnsThematic Networking Manager, IUFRO Headquarters, Austria
Susan CharnleyUS Forest Service, U.S.A.
Donato ChiatanteUniversity of Insubria, Varese, Italy
Mercy Afua Adutwumwaa DerkyiSchool of Natural Resources, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana
Kasten DumroeseU.S. Forest Service, USA
Ernest FoliForest Research Institut of Ghana, Ghana, Member TF Interconnecting Forests, Science and People
Douglas L. GodboldUniversität für Bodenkultur, BoKu, Austria,
Coordinator 2.01.13 Root Physiology and Symbiosis
Sven GünterThünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics, Germany
Thomas HicklerBiodiversity and Climate Research Centre, University Frankfurt, Germany, IPCC WG2
Markus HöhlThünen Institute of Forest Ecosystems, Germany
Douglass JacobsPurdue University, U.S.A.,
Coordinator 2.01.15 Whole Plant Physiology
Riina JalonenBiodiversity International, Malaysia
Robert JandlBFW, Austria,
Coordinator 8.01.00 Forest Ecosystem Functions
Mark JohnstonSaskatchewan Research Council, Canada,
Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Promode KantInstitute of Green Economy, India
Rod KeenanUniversity of Melbourne, Australia,
Coordinator 4.04.08 Adaptation to climate change
Michael KleineIUFRO, Austria; SPDC Coordinator
Koen KramerWageningen University, The Netherlands
Vera Lex EngelUniversity of Sao Paulo, Brasil,
former Deputy Coordinator 1.06.00 Restoration of degraded sites
Marcus LindnerResilience Programme, EFI Bonn, Germany
Magnus LöfSwedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden,
Deputy Coordinator 1.01.06 Ecology and Silviculture of Oak
Palle MadsenCopenhagen University, Denmark,
Coordinator 1.01.00 Temperate and Boreal Silviculture,
Deputy Coordinator 1.01.07 Ecology and Silviculture of Beech
Larwanou MahamaneProgrammes Management Unit (PMU) African Forest Forum, Kenya
Former Representative of Nepal to the IUFRO International Council
Steve MakungwaForest resource assessment & modelling Forestry Department,
Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Malawi
Stephanie MansourianConsultant, Switzerland
Nicolas MansuyNatural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Canada.
Constance MillarUS Forest Service, U.S.A.
John ParrottaUS Forest Service, U.S.A.
Vice-President  Task Forces IUFRO
Cindy PrescottUniversity of British Columbia, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, Vancouver, Canada
Somidh SahaKarlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, Deputy Coordinator 1.01.06 – Ecology and silviculture of oak
Jennifer SchulzUniversity of Potsdam, Germany
Tuija SievänenLUKE, Finland,
Coordinator 6.00.00 Social Aspects of Forests and Forestry
Peter SpathelfHNE, University of Sustainable Development, Germany
Khosro Sagheb-TalebiAgricultural Research and Education Organization (AREO), Iran,
Deputy Coordinator 1.00.00 Silviculture
Ute Sass-KlaasenWageningen University Research, The Netherlands,
Chair EU Cost STREeSS
John StanturfEstonian University of Life Sciences; United States
Joo Han SungNational Institute of Forest Science (NIFoS), Korea
Jamsran TsogtbaatarMongolian Academy of Sciences, Mongolia


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