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Activities and expected outputs

Arranging an international conference and webinar series aiming to

  • structure current knowledge around the emphasis areas,
  • communicate this knowledge to stakeholders,
  • create a network which can disseminate such knowledge and
  • identify knowledge gaps and needed R&D activities

The network created through the conference and webinar activities and the co-operation within IUFRO will be used to publish a series of case studies of forest bioenergy reflecting diverse circumstances and diversity in approaches and effective solutions. The audience for the case studies, which cover technical, social, ecological and economic aspects of bioenergy projects from various parts of the world, includes the scientific community, landowners, the industry, NGOs, government agencies, policy-makers, research funding entities and other stakeholders.

Past activities

  • European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013: Session ERE1.7 Aspects of sustainable biomass utilization for energy and industrial raw materials; Vienna, Austria; 7–12 April 2013. Units involved: Task Force on Forest Bioenergy, 7.01.03. Session homepage

  • 1st FOREBIOM Workshop: Potentials of Biochar to mitigate climate change; Vienna, Austria; 4-5 April 2013. Units involved: 7.01.03, Task Force on Forest Bioenergy. Conference homepage - Proceedings

  • COST/ESF/IEA joint conference on 'Operational Research and Assessment Procedures for Sustainable Forest Biomass Supply'; Lisbon, Portugal; 18-20 September 2012

  • KBBE Forum meeting between Australia, Canada, NZ and the EU; 6-7 September 2012

  • Bioenergy Session at the Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC); Rotorua, New Zealand; 3-6 September 2012

  • European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012: Session ERE1.8 Aspects of Biomass Utilization from Forests and Other Resources; Vienna, Austria; 22–27 April 2012. Units involved: Task Force on Forest Bioenergy, 7.01.03. Session homepage

  • The Future Role of Bio-Energy from Tree Biomass in Europe; Vienna, Austria; 6-11 November 2011. Conference homepage

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