Expertise offered by Task Force

Research interests of Task Force members

  • Alcorn, Janis
  • Barry, Deborah: Cultural and economic geography, community forestry, Central America, donor experience, Rights and Resources Initiative, local organizations and initiatives
  • Buck, Louise:  Natural Resources, social learning, agroforestry, protected area management, ecoagriculture, academia, research, Africa, US
  • Carter, Jane: Agricultural and forest sciences, forest resource assessment, indigenous/local knowledge, collaborative/community forests, Asia, research and donor experience
  • Colchester, Marcus: Social anthropology,  human rights, protected areas, rural livelihoods, forest law enforcement, international policy, Amazonia, South/South-East Asia, NGO activist
  • Cronkleton, Peter
  • Diaw, Chimere
  • Dove, Michael
  • Dudley, Nigel
  • Fisher, Bob
  • Fortmann, Louise:
    Rural sociologist, community forest management, poverty, property, forestry, East/Southern Africa, Northern California, US, academia
  • Guijt, Irene: Rural development/natural resource management, collaborative monitoring, governance and democratization, civil society participation, training, NGO researcher
  • Hoskins, Marilyn: Anthropologist/communications, local governance, community development, equity, community forestry Southeast Asia, West Africa ++, consultant
  • Lidestav, Gun: Forestry, gender, Scandinavia, academia
  • Lines, Maureen: Writer, emergency medical technician, forest destruction, Pakistan, Afghanistan, NGO activist
  • Mayers, James
  • McDougall, Cynthia: Environment and development, food security, community forestry, adaptive collaborative management, equity, Nepal, research
  • Oyono, Rene
  • Porro, Noemi Miyasaka
  • Prabhu, Ravi: Forester, ecological silviculture, criteria and indicators, sustainable forest management, adaptive collaborative management, Asia, Africa, building bridges, research
  • Schmidt, Caspar
  • Shepherd, Gil: Social anthropology, tropical dry forests, fuelwood, community/participatory forest management and conservation, local-national spectrum, CBD, ecosystems, research
  • Taylor, Pete:  Environmental governance, community-based organizations, markets, networks, conservation, Central America and Brazil, academia

Research interests of other colleagues

  • Borrini-Feyerabend, Grazia: Physics, public health, environmental policy/practice, equity, conservation, co-management, CBD/policy, NGO researcher/activist
  • Innes, John
  • Schmink, Marianne
  • Wollenberg, Lini: Human ecology, decentralization, poverty alleviation, social learning, forest-based incomes, sustainability criteria, Asia, research

Description of expertise of Task Force members

Detailed description of expertise of Task Force members.

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