Publications and references

Conference Proceedings

  • Joint 43rd Annual Meeting of Council on Forest Engineering (COFE) & 53rd International Symposium on Forest Mechanization (FORMEC): Forest Engineering Family – Growing Forward Together; online; 27-30 September 2021.  Units involved: 3.00.00, 3.01.00. Proceedings    
  • Precision Forestry 2017: Producing More from Less. Towards Optimising Value in the Bio-economy from Data Driven Decisions; Stellenbosch, South Africa; 27 February - 2 March 2017. Proceedings      
  • 38th Council on Forest Engineering (COFE) Annual Meeting "Engineering Solutions for Non-industrial Private Forest Operations"; Lexington, KY, USA; 19-22 July 2015. Proceedings 
  • 5th Forest Engineering Conference together with 47th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation; Gerardmer, France; 23-26 September 2014. Proceedings Index         
  • Conference on "Adaptation of Forests and Forest Management to Climate Change with Emphasis on Forest Health – Review of Science, Policies, and Practices"; 25-28 August 2008; Umea, Sweden. Session Summaries - Book of Abstracts
  • International Scientific Conference: "Forest Growth and Timber Quality: Crown Models and Simulation Methods for Sustainable Forest Management"; Portland, Oregon, United States; 7-10 August 2007. Units involved: 3.00.00, 4.00.00, 5.00.00, 5.12.00, 4.01.05. Proceedings

Scientific Journals

There is a limited number of international journal that publish peer-reviewed technical articles on the current research in the area of forest operations engineering and management, e.g.

Textbooks on Forest Operations

There is a limited number of textbooks on forest operations, unfortunately not of newest date:

  • CONWAY, S. 1982. Logging practices principles of timber harvesting systems, rev. Ed. San Francisco: Miller Freeman.
  • STAAF, K.A.G. and N.A. WIKSTEN. 1984. Tree harvesting techniques, (a condensed of the original Swedish of 1972) Ed. Dordrecht a.o.: Nijhoff. 371 p.
  • STENZEL, G., T.A. WALBRIDGE, and J.K. PEARCE. 1985. Logging and pulpwood production, 2 Ed. New York a.o.: Wiley. VII, 358 pp.
  • SUNDBERG, U. and C.R. SILVERSIDES. 1988. Operational efficiency in forestry. Dordrecht etc.: Kluwer. 2 Vol. p.


Scientific Organizations

Regular Scientific Conferences

Research Institutes

Teaching Resources

E-learning environments have been becoming of increasing importance. Geographic Information Technology is one area for which online-courses have become available.

  • GITTA. Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance. Provides a modular toolbox for instruction at a university level [go to www site].
  • MIT's OpenCourseWare is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. [go to www site].