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Watch an interview with GFEP scientists on the vital role of forest and water interactions for cities! [more]


International CPF conference on 20-22 February 2018 successfully engaged a broad range of key stakeholders in a dialogue on counteracting deforestation.[more]


At this year's Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany, IUFRO will co-host two discussion forums and share a booth with partner organizations at the Restoration Pavilion throughout the event. [more]


Water provision and filtering, conservation of soils and climate regulation are among the many services connected to trees and forests, influenced by the interactions between forests and water.[more]


IUFRO-WFSE held a side event at UNFF12 in New York.[more]


Fostering Partnerships to Build Coherence and Support for Forest Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration.[more]


The most recent GFEP global assessment report on "Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade" is officially launched at the CBD COP13 in Cancún, Mexico, on 3 December 2016.[more]


IUFRO launches its policy brief on forest landscape restoration today at COFO 23 World Forest Week hosted at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy.[more]


IUFRO WFSE and FAO Finland Forestry Programme organized 1st of March 2016 an international seminar which was held in Helsinki, Finland, and supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.[more]


As world leaders convene in 2015 to agree on Sustainable Development Goals and a new climate deal, the Forum will leverage this historic opportunity to shape the world’s development agenda for decades to come. [more]


The International Forests and Water Dialogue, a two-day special event during the XIV World Forestry Congress, was conceived to encourage discussion on forest-water interactions and the integration of forest-water science,...[more]


Forests and trees provide a vital source of food and nutrition to millions of people the world over. Tree-based systems are particularly critical for food security in drylands. [more]


On 25 June the expert panel chair, Professor B Vira, will discuss findings of the report in a panel discussion on "Forests, Food and Life" in the "Breathe Austria" Pavilion of the EXPO2015 in Milan. [more]


The IUFRO Special Project: World Forests, Society and Environment has just published its latest newsletter![more]


4 May 2015 - General statements by Groups and Member States[more]


Forests hold the potential to contribute to sustainable local development in many regions of the world. For this potential to be realized, rural dwellers need access to healthy forests, and more. [more]


Scientists underline crucial role of forests and trees as a renewable resource for multiple bio-products and the need for cross-sectoral cooperation at an IUFRO Symposium in Vienna.[more]


IUFRO is pleased to announce the Bio-economy Symposium which will be held as part of the Austrian Forest Dialogue (Walddialog), prior to the IUFRO Enlarged Board meeting.[more]


At the Bonn Challenge 2.0 meeting on 20-21 March IUFRO presents a stoplight framework developed by IUFRO scientists to demonstrate how FLR can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation...[more]


IUFRO is pleased to announce the Bio-economy Symposium which will be held as part of the Austrian Forest Dialogue (Walddialog), prior to the IUFRO Enlarged Board meeting.[more]


"Shifting global development discourses: Implications for forests and livelihoods"[more]


Faced with a continuously expanding global population, particularly in developing countries, securing sufficient food for over 9 billion people by 2050 is of prime concern.[more]


New Findings on the Dynamics between Forests, Land Use and Food Security[more]


A comprehensive study of the conditions that assist sustainable forest development will be published at the upcoming IUFRO World Congress this fall in Salt Lake City, USA.[more]