"Keep Asia Green" - Volume I

The first phase of the project on Southeast Asia commenced in early 2006 and is scheduled to be completed in April 2007. Scientists from 8 countries in the region worked together to elaborate a comprehensive document analyzing the latest status of forest rehabilitation in Southeast Asia. The results have been published as IUFRO World Series Volume 20-I titled Keep Asia Green Volume I "Southeast Asia".

Daniel B. Krishnapillay, Michael Kleine,
Lucrecio L. Rebugio, and Don Koo Lee
Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest Lands in Southeast Asia - A Synthesis
Mahmud Yussof
Forest Rehabilitation in Brunei Darussalam
Suhardi, Eny Faridah, and Handojo HN
Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests in Indonesia
Chanhsamone Phongoudome and
Khamfeua Sirivong
Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in LAO PDR
Daniel B. Krishnapillay, Mohamed
A. A. Razak, and Simmathiri Appanah
Forest Rehabilitation - The Malaysian Experience
Lucrecio L. Rebugio, Juan M. Pulhin,
Antonio P. Carandang, Eleno O.
Peralta, Leni D. Camacho, and Nathaniel C. Bantayan
Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines
Geoffrey Davison
Urban Forest Rehabilitation - A Case Study from Singapore
Monton JamroenprucksaForest Rehabilitation - Experiences from Thailand
Nguyen Hoang NghiaForest Rehabilitation in Vietnam

Coordination Workshop:
A three-day workshop was held at the Kasetsart University in Bangkok from 8-10 June 2006. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the various aspects of the book project and jointly decide on the major focus and items of the content, target audience, terminology, formats of text and sections and operational issues such
as drafting process and work plan. A general list of content has been identified during the workshop and serves as guideline for drafting the various country contributions. More details on the workshop and its results are provided in the workshop report.

Editorial Meeting:
The Keep Asia Green Editorial Team for Volume 1 on Southeast Asia met in Bangkok on 17 and 18 February, 2007. The work of the team concentrated on drafting the text of the book’s first chapter providing a synthesis on rehabilitation of degraded forests in the entire region. In addition, the details of the final book lay-out such as logos of contributing organisations, format and quality of the publication were discussed.

The results have been published as IUFRO World Series Volume 20-I: Keep Asia Green Volume I "Southeast Asia". For copies please contact:schimpf(at)iufro.org.