An electronic version of the full 2017 IUFRO Annual Report is now available. A short summary of 2017 Highlights was already published earlier on. [more]


This issue reports about workshops and meetings on wind measurement, managerial economics, non-destructive wood evaluation and more; it lists new publications and upcoming meetings and offers many opportunities for participation…[more]


This international conference in Zagreb, Croatia, focused on issues such as forest ownership changes, investments into small-scale forestry, and impacts of stakeholders' attitudes and certification on SFM. More…[more]


The international Tree Motion and Wind Measurement Workshop in Roskilde, Denmark, focused on accurate and appropriate measurements of the wind and of tree movement. More…[more]


Read reports on pests and diseases in commercial eucalypt, acacia and pine plantations, and on the ecology and evolution of gall-inducing arthropods; find out about upcoming events and opportunities…[more]


Watch an interview with GFEP scientists on the vital role of forest and water interactions for cities! Read the latest IUFRO Spotlight on how urban forest design can improve people's health![more]


In this issue: Outcomes of CPF conference on halting deforestation, with IUFRO-led session on "The Role of Science and Research"; new position at IUFRO HQ to strengthen membership services and thematic networking…[more]


International CPF conference on 20-22 February 2018 successfully engaged a broad range of key stakeholders in a dialogue on counteracting deforestation.[more]


Read about the IUFRO activities that took place during the GLF in December, get updates on IUFRO-WFSE and GFEP work and find announcements of publications, positions, meetings and more…[more]


At this year's Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany, IUFRO will co-host two discussion forums and share a booth with partner organizations at the Restoration Pavilion throughout the event. [more]


Water provision and filtering, conservation of soils and climate regulation are among the many services connected to trees and forests, influenced by the interactions between forests and water.[more]


Find out about IUFRO's activities at the GLF in Bonn, recent meetings on traditional forest culture or Fagaceae and Nothofagaceae genetics and genomics, the progress of the Forests and Water GFEP, and more …[more]


The ISSFM-CGC in China addressed the restoration of forest resources, the enhancement of ecosystem functions of existing forests and the sustainable management of forest ecosystems.[more]


Operations researchers and remote sensing scientists shared their findings in applied optimization, simulation, management science and geospatial informatics at the 2017 SSAFR. [more]


A series of successful meetings on a wide range of topics from the sustainable management of teak resources to non-destructive testing and evaluation of wood are covered in this issue of IUFRO News.[more]


This issue looks back on the successful 125th IUFRO Anniversary Congress, highlights interviews with Congress participants, presents reports from IUFRO meetings about forest pathogens and forest regeneration, and more…[more]


"Interconnecting Forests, Science and People" will from now on be an integral part of the IUFRO logo. Watch a short video about IUFRO and the slogan that has become an important legacy of the 125th Anniversary Congress![more]


Read an interview with Division 7 Coordinator Eckehard Brockerhoff of Scion (New Zealand Forest Research Institute) about the work in IUFRO Division 7 and the All-Division Meeting at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress. [more]


Read an interview with Division 3 Coordinator Woodam Chung of Oregon State University, USA, about the work in IUFRO Division 3 and the All-Division Meeting at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress.[more]


Read an interview with Division 4 Coordinator Jean-Luc Peyron of the Public Interest Group (GIP) on Forest Ecosystems (ECOFOR), France, about the work in IUFRO Division 4 and the All-Division Meeting at the IUFRO 125th...[more]


Read an interview with Division 6 Coordinator Tuija Sievänen of the Natural Resources Institute Finland, about the work in IUFRO Division 6 and the All-Division Meeting at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress.[more]


Read an interview with Division 9 Coordinator Daniela Kleinschmit, University of Freiburg, Germany, about the work in IUFRO Division 9 and the All-Division Meeting at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress.[more]


The IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists Initiative (YSI) is the latest collaboration between IUFRO and the European Forest Institute (EFI) and offered 5 grants for short scientific visits starting from 2018.[more]


Session on communication at IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress: We need to build a strong, continuous dialogue on forests![more]


Read an interview with Dr. Arun Agrawal, scientific keynote speaker at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 in Freiburg, Germany[more]


The year 2017 marks the 125th anniversary of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). This milestone provides a timely opportunity to present an overview of the history of IUFRO since its foundation in...[more]


Russia is a country with a very large forest area. Its forest scientists, researchers, managers and specialists have always been involved and play an important role in IUFRO.[more]


Read an interview with Dr. Hojka Kraigher, scientific keynote speaker at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 in Freiburg, Germany.[more]


Read an interview with Dr. Will Steffen, scientific keynote speaker at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 in Freiburg, Germany.[more]


Read an interview with Dr. Robin Chazdon, scientific keynote speaker at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 in Freiburg, Germany.[more]


Read an interview with Dr. Werner Kurz, scientific keynote speaker at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 in Freiburg, Germany[more]


The value systems associated with forestry are changing. IUFRO's Task Force on "Resources for the Future: Transformation in Forest Use" works towards a better understanding of those changes.[more]


This Congress session addresses the global controversy that asks how we can keep and manage the world's forests to satisfy both ecological and socio-economic needs.[more]


Highlighting some of the major events at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress and reporting about successful past meetings on forest products, sustainable resources from plantations and more...[more]


A Congress session focusing on the huge role of forest genetics/genomics in conservation and sustainable management of forests and in dealing with climate change issues[more]


New review studies relationships between tree diversity and stand resistance to natural disturbances and explores the ecological mechanisms behind the observed relationships.[more]


This Congress session looks at the conditions under which co-existence between humans and wildlife is possible in the 21st century as population and resource pressures become more intense.[more]


This IUFRO Anniversary Congress session is all about forestry operations and research and how change can be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.[more]


Collaboration and cooperation are the keys to facilitating learning and making better use of research outcomes in sub-Saharan African countries facing severe forestry challenges.[more]


This Anniversary Congress session will highlight the need for disturbance management that allows forests to adapt to future environmental conditions.[more]


Read this latest Spotlight about an Anniversary Congress session on "Early detection and monitoring of invasive forest pests and pathogens with citizen science"![more]


This Anniversary Congress Spotlight highlights a session that will show how good science is needed to plan and manage for tourism in natural areas. [more]


This issue presents activities on forest landscape restoration under global change and highlights meetings on molecular biology of forest trees, invasive forest pathogens, and much more…[more]


The second IUFRO Anniversary Congress Spotlight draws attention to social innovation and its role in attaining a more sustainable use of ecosystem services.[more]


This is first in a series of Spotlight articles highlighting individual sessions at the upcoming IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress. It looks at the trends and needs in forest landowner research.[more]


Mondi, the international packaging and paper group, and IUFRO will co-host an open "Science meets Business" dialogue at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress this September in Freiburg, Germany. [more]


Learn about the successful involvement of IUFRO in UNFF12, find out more about sustainable restoration of Mediterranean forests and read the latest IUFRO World Series volume on teak, and more…![more]


An electronic version of the full 2016 IUFRO Annual Report is now available. A short summary of 2016 Highlights was already published earlier on.[more]


Teak is one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods of the world. Natural teak forests are declining. IUFRO scientists and other experts have synthesised globally available scientific information.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC, together with the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the US Forest Service, held a Knowledge-sharing Workshop and Ministerial-level Meeting in support...[more]


IUFRO-WFSE held a side event at UNFF12 in New York.[more]


This is the 125th edition of our electronic newsletter! Read an extensive interview with the IUFRO President! Also learn about meetings on Precision Forestry and Phytophthora research, and more…[more]


In the 25 weeks leading up to the Congress members and partners of IUFRO from all over the world will tell us what "interconnecting forests, science and people" means to them. [more]


Publication of a new sourcebook in response to the need for better information on how remote sensing data can support biodiversity monitoring in tropical forests.[more]


Make your plans for the IUFRO 2017 Congress in Freiburg, Germany! Find information on registration and exciting program details in the latest Congress Newsletter 02/2017![more]


"Forests and Energy" is the 2017 theme of the International Day of Forests on 21 March! IUFRO Division 5 - Forest Products will address this and related themes in a major conference this June.[more]


For several years, the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO), as one of IFSA's partners, has been offering an internship opportunity to students from IFSA Local Committees.[more]


The IUFRO World Congress 2019 will be an opportunity to honour outstanding scientific achievements and contributions to forestry with a range of IUFRO Awards. [more]


Researchers at Michigan State University conclude that research on linkages between forest tenure and forest condition needs to be broader.[more]


Read about the 1st IUFRO Latin American Landscape Ecology Congress, about vegetative propagation technologies in plantation forestry, forestry in India and much more…[more]


How can vegetative propagation technologies help plantation forestry to cope with global warming and environmental changes? Read the report from the IUFRO 2.09.02 Conference in Argentina![more]


If forests are to survive and prosper in the face of changing and challenging climatic and societal conditions, more information is needed on the biophysical adaptive capacities of trees and forests.[more]


Download the new IUFRO World Series Vol. 35 on illegal logging, find out about Forest Restoration Day at CBD COP13, read reports on a forest governance training course and the Abies 2016 meeting![more]


Fostering Partnerships to Build Coherence and Support for Forest Landscape and Ecosystem Restoration.[more]


In this interview Prof. Michael Wingfield, IUFRO President, reflects upon his expectations of and impressions from the recent IUFRO AO Congress in Beijing, China.[more]


The most recent GFEP global assessment report on "Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade" is officially launched at the CBD COP13 in Cancún, Mexico, on 3 December 2016.[more]


Looking back on the successes of the first IUFRO Regional Congress in Asia and Oceania, and on a busy autumn with meetings on air pollution, silvopastoral systems, pine wilt disease etc. [more]


There is a need for higher societal awareness of silvo-pastoral systems, as their multi-functionality and resilience is often not duly valued.[more]


Today's forestry students are tomorrow's forest managers and decision-makers. Consequently, as forest industry changes to meet new and evolving demands, so must forest education.[more]


About 25 years ago, planted forests represented 4% of the world's forested area. Today they represent almost 7%. But that 7% provides at least one-third of the world's timber. [more]


The 1st IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania recognized the role of forest research in providing solutions to tackle the challenges related to forests and sustainable development. [more]


APFNet Session at Asia-Oceania Congress with representatives from international organizations and governmental forestry research institutes.[more]


Honorary Membership is the highest award of IUFRO and acknowledges individuals who have rendered particularly important and outstanding services to IUFRO. [more]


The International Conference on Forest Multifunctional Management – the 4th Forest Science Forum is taking place back to back with the IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania in Bejing, China, from 24-26 October 2016.[more]


Read about the keynote address delivered by Zhang Shougong, Chinese Academy of Forestry, on Latest Progresses of Silviculture Research in China at the IUFRO Regional Asia-Oceania Congress.[more]


IUFRO enters into Memorandum of Understanding with Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet). [more]


A IUFRO-SPDC 3-day training workshop prior to #IUFROAO2016 in Bejing introduced participants to systematic review in forest science.[more]


Interview with Professor Zhang Shougong, Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), keynote speaker at the IUFRO Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Beijing, China, 24-27 October 2016. [more]


IUFRO Extension & Knowledge Exchange Working Party discussed new approaches of increasing capacity for program delivery through knowledge exchange networks and peer-to-peer learning.[more]


Read about forest science communication and extension & knowledge exchange needs, and learn about the recent FLR knowledge sharing workshops in Rwanda and El Salvador.[more]


The First Belum Rain Forest Summit showcases conservation efforts for the Belum Temengor Rain Forest.[more]


Interview with Professor Don Koo Lee, Republic of Korea, keynote speaker at the IUFRO Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Beijing, China, 24-27 October 2016[more]


Biological invasions cause problems in forests worldwide. The IUFRO Task Force on Forests and Biological Invasions aims to gain new insights and foster knowledge sharing.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC Workshops in Rwanda and El Salvador have provided opportunities for knowledge-sharing on Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation. [more]


IUFRO scientists met to exchange latest findings on biological invasions, forests pests in northern regions, vegetation for slope stability, forest landscape restoration, and more... [more]


An expert workshop in the Kyrgyz Republic highlights the role of mountain forests in Central Asia in providing critical ecosystem services and mitigating natural hazards.[more]


IUFRO workshop in Canada points at the gap in forest dynamics knowledge regarding the area of range expansion and outbreak dynamics in the context of climate change. [more]


Interview with Professor Makoto Yokohari, keynote speaker at the IUFRO Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Beijing, China, this October.[more]


Read the first of a series of four interviews with the keynote speakers of the IUFRO Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Beijing, China![more]


This issue has a focus on the challenges of reforestation and forest landscape restoration, and on strengthening collaboration in the field of criteria and indicators for SFM.[more]


Report: From governance to government: The strengthened role of state bureaucracies in forest and agricultural certification[more]


IUFRO launches its policy brief on forest landscape restoration today at COFO 23 World Forest Week hosted at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy.[more]


The symposium "Advances and Challenges in Managerial Economics and Accounting" in Vienna, Austria, highlighted both the productivity and heterogeneity of research in this field. [more]


Learn about the progress of the GFEP Rapid Response Assessment on Illegal Timber Trade! Read reports from IUFRO meetings on topics ranging from genomics to managerial economics and DSS in forestry.[more]


Special Issue of "Forestry" on invasions of insects and pathogens, climate change, forest management and their interactions.[more]


Workshop on Systematic Review in Forest Science - Learning from Traditional Forest Knowledge within the framework of the IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania in Beijing, China, 21-27 October, 2016, and is providing...[more]


Congratulations to Mike Wingfield who has been awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award for International Scientists for 2016, by his alma mater, the University of Minnesota![more]


In this issue: Reports from a conference on climate change perception and related risks to forests, and from World Wood Day; important announcements, publications and meetings …[more]


Now available for download! Read about the numerous activities, achievements and successes of IUFRO in 2015! [more]


IUFRO and IFSA are inviting applications for an internship with IUFRO.The intern will perform tasks in assistance to the various projects of IUFRO and will be stationed at the IUFRO Headquarters in Vienna. Overview of tasksStart...[more]